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The System 710 operates in both automatic and manual modes. It has a 2 to 60 second hold- open range, an automatic "recycle" feature to safely stop, then close the door if an obstruction is encountered and a "push 'n' go" feature for automatic opening of the door when activated by the pedestrian.  In the manual mode, the system closes slowly upon release to enable safe passage. 

The GT 710 has an adjustable and heavy duty door closer and a large chain drive. This offers the flexibility to adjust the closing pressure as needed for specific site conditions when variable pressure is required. 

The 710 features include: 
bullet A compact 5 3/4" x 6" (146.0 mm x 152.0 mm) cross section.
bullet Easy manual mode operation with door closer in event of power failure.
bullet Solid state electronic control.
bullet Adjustable closing speeds for safety and energy savings.
bullet Optional length header for improved appearance.
bullet Additional safety devices available.
All features, components and accessories meet ANSI 156.19, are CSA and UL approved and comply with ANSI 117.1 and the Low Energy Operator section of ADA. 

* Recycle features may be affected by windy conditions.

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